The average cost of a data breach for Canadian companies was $4.74 million (USD) according to a 2018 report1

In 2017, 21% of Canadian businesses reported that a cyber security incident affected their operations2


Current estimates are that cybercrime may now cost the world almost $600 Billion, or 0.85 of GDP3


Over 72 million identities were stolen in Canada in 20174


Canada had the 3rd most security breaches of any country in 20175


Canada loses 0.17% of GDP to cybercrime—that’s $3.12 billion per year6


Cyber incidents (e.g. cyber crime, related IT failure and data breaches) were the #2 global business risk for 2018, up from #3 in 20177


The ESET Cybersecurity Barometer reveals that most Canadians now consider cybercrime to be an important challenge to the internal security of Canada, with nine out of ten saying it is either very important (55.8%) or fairly important (33.5%)8


More than 80% of Canadians surveyed believe that the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is increasing9

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