Membership Enrolment:

The CCTX is beginning its membership drive. Our initial focus is recruiting large Canadian businesses wanting to participate in the development of services related to the secure exchange of cyber threat information. Small or medium sized business will be invited to join toward the end of 2016 after the initial services have been developed. Currently, we are looking for large organizations who recognize that Canadian businesses will become stronger individually and collectively as a result of working collaboratively to combat cyber crime. Members will determine how to best achieve this objective and will share experiences and expertise on how to mitigate cyber threats for the mutual benefit of the members. First wave members will greatly influence and prioritize the types of services offered and how they are delivered and consumed. If this is something your organization is interested in, you are cordially invited to join the Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange.

Member profile being targeted for 2016:

– Large enterprise – Willing to help define and develop the CCTX priorities and services – Willing to help prioritize specific communities of trust for information sharing – Have the capacity to actively participate – May already be consumers of cyber threat information.

Membership Benefits:

Once the CCTX services have been established (4Q 2016), members will receive timely and actionable intelligence concerning the nature of current cyber threats impacting Canadian businesses and how to mitigate exposure to such threats. Members will also be eligible to join – by invitation only – “Circles of Trust”, where members share sensitive information for the benefit of circle members only. As a member, you will hear first-hand how member organizations are dealing with specific and general cyber threats. Having insight into current threats and successful threat management approaches is a valuable benefit.


A regular membership for the CCTX costs $50,000 per annum and is now offered. Two levels of Associate services, for medium and small sized businesses, will be available toward the end of 2016 and will cost $20,000 and $5,000 per annum respectively. We will provide additional information on Associate services and benefits at a later date.

CCTX Membership Form:

Complete the following CCTX Membership Application Form. You may also use the following encryption key to encrypt your application form. Upon completion, submit the CCTX Membership Application Form to