Request for Information (RFI) CCTX Platform and Applications Evolution

Our Requirement

CCTX is seeking commercial information on existing and emerging innovative technologies and approaches that can be leveraged to provide a state-of-the-art cyber intelligence collaboration and sharing hub for its members.  CCTX seeks to investigate:

  1.  the provision of its Platform as a Service (PaaS), including an investigation of the use of the Cloud to host its hub;
  2.  the use of existing and/or emerging sharing and collaboration applications, technologies and techniques for managing its operations (SaaS); and
  3.  how 1 and 2 above could be integrated to provide for efficient and cost-effective operations.   

In addition, we seek commercial information on creative models for identifying and developing enhancements and modifications to both our platform and applications, in response to rapidly evolving requirements.

Pre-Qualification of Firms

CCTX seeks to broadly investigate the state of technology that is commercially available now, is being developed, or is currently being conceptualized/conceived. To receive a copy of the RFI, which elaborates our confidential requirements more fully, your firm must pre-qualify.  We seek firms with the necessary technical expertise, skill, capacity and capability to enter into further discussions with CCTX.  If your firm is interested in participating in our RFI, we would ask that you provide a company prospectus that is responsive to the requisite qualifications identified above.

Please send your company prospectus via email to by Friday, August 23, 2019, if your firm wishes to be considered for participation.

We thank all firms who submit a prospectus in this pre-qualification process.  However, only those firms selected to receive the Request for Information document will be contacted.