Call for Papers

Cybersecurity requires ‘resilience’ in developing an effective strategy against numerous threats. It is a multifaceted term that seeks to capture the essence of responding in cyberspace  to the risks and complexities of an intended or unintended adversary. It is a term that can apply in government, private industry, or at the personal level.

The Journal of Cyber Resilience is a new publication seeking to promote interdisciplinary research and discussions about what resilience means and how it can be developed as a concept in the cyber environment. The journal will focus on providing new insight, guidance and ideas for informing the management of enterprise cyber resilience. It will combine inter-disciplinary articles that bring together leading commentators, practitioners and academics in the changing face of technology and the human factor, as well as cyber challenges including risk management, insurance and ethics, regulation and governance, and political change. The Journal of Cyber Resilience offers a unique new opportunity to gather diverse perspectives in and around the field of cybersecurity that go far beyond the technical considerations. The first edition of this semi-annual journal will launch in early 2021


Articles are being sought between 4,000 to 8,000 words; however, shorter articles (introduction to new technology, key issues, etc..) will be accepted. The journal will also include coverage of key events such as conference proceedings and all relevant book reviews. Special thematic issues will also be considered for future editions.

Enquiries, proposals and submissions:

Editor-in-chief, Professor Julian Richards, at